About Us

Founder’s Welcome

As one of the most comprehensive and acclaimed schools for the study of music, the International School of Music plays a key role in educating children, performers, and music instructors who influence music performance and education in our community.

We stand poised on the edge of future growth. We are looking forward to an increased presence in our community, greater impact on the cultural scene and an even greater role of leadership in our world of non-profits and the arts.
Why should the parents encourage their children to be interested in music lessons?

There have been many studies on the effects of music education. According to the National Association for Music Education, the benefits derived from music education “can be grouped in four categories: success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life.”

At the International School of Music, we believe our students are significantly better off than children and adults who have never had music training. We also strive to introduce the art of making music to everyone.

Sincerest regards,

Saro Mangasarian
ISM History
The International School of Music was established in June of 1993 and is one of the most prestigious music schools in Glendale, California. Through its curriculum the school provides rich educational opportunities for children ages six and a half and up, and has achieved a distinguished reputation in the community.
The International School of Music presently has an enrollment exceeding 450 students and a diligent staff of 36, all of whom have a minimum of fifteen years of teaching experience and hold degrees in their areas of expertise. As the number of students began to increase, ISM could no longer accommodate students in its old location. Consequently the demand for additional musical instruction became too great to ignore. As a result in November of 1999 ISM was moved to a new and bigger location, which is its current location on 116 S. Louise St. in Glendale California.
ISM Mission
At the International School of Music we believe that music education and / or arts in general, is one of the most important and inspiring experiences a child, youth or adult can enjoy. We are devoted to providing students with an exceptional educational and artistic experience while fostering a lifelong appreciation, and commitment to excellence in music. The mission of ISM is to provide a nurturing environment while developing and enhancing the music skills of its students.
ISM Goals
• Provide students with the skills they need to enjoy music in their lifetime in warm, that is warm, motivating and professional environment.
• Provide a variety of musical experiences for our students.
• Develop a love and appreciation for music that lasts forever.
• Having an experienced faculty and staff, supporting them with appropriate facilities and resources.
• Offer performance opportunities matching each student's developing abilities, so they become confident and seasoned in sharing their accomplishments with others.
ISM Teaching Method
Based on the European conservatory format, classes are designed to fulfill the objectives of a well rounded musical education with equal emphasis placed on both the academic and applied facets of music.

All classes are taught in a private one-on-one setting with an instructor who is trained in that particular instrument or course, theory courses are taught in a group setting. Depending upon the arrangements made at the time of enrollment, students attend classes once or twice a week for each instrument.
The International School of Music offers courses at beginning, intermediate, advanced levels and college level. These courses are structured to meet the individual needs of each student thus maximizing the benefits attained.
Course examinations are held twice a year to evaluate the student's growth. Upon successful completion of the course, each student participates in our annual concerts, where they are awarded a certificate of achievement and a trophy. Those students, who demonstrate exceptional promise, will be given the opportunity to perform as soloists with a chamber or symphony orchestra.
ISM Curriculum, Music Programs and Faculty
ISM provides students with a rich and diverse music education experience. We offer instruction to students ages 6 and half and above, in piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, percussion/drums, flute, and guitar.

At ISM we only hire educators who have degrees in their respective fields and a minimum fifteen years of teaching experience. Our faculty members go through an extensive interview process when applying for teaching positions. Many of them have active performing careers, serve additionally on the faculties of area schools and colleges, and are well recognized pedagogues. Through both their teaching and performing, instructors demonstrate a commitment to fostering a love for the arts and building skills necessary for students to achieve their highest potential.